[mythtv-users] Re : Mythmusic perfect encoding --> ogg files?!?

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 14 16:35:17 UTC 2008

Le 14.09.2008 09:42:17, Richard Shaw a écrit :
> I'm going to assume you're using Fedora since you didn't say (since
> that's
> what I use) but you could copy your entire music library to
> '/var/lib/mythmusic' (or the default for your system if not using
> Fedora)
> and then scan for the files. You probably only want to use Import 
> from
> a
> source you want to convert.

Hmm OK thx. Just to make it clear (I know I can be dense sometimes ;-): 
in what you describe, mythmusic will just populate its DB keeping the 
files untouched?

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