[mythtv-users] Poor signal on one channel

John Payne mythtv at payne.ch
Sat Sep 13 20:14:24 UTC 2008

I have an MD5 system with BE & FE. The BE has 2 PVR150's and 1 HVR1300 
for DVB-T. The LiveTV and recordings are good on all channels except one 
analog (BBC Prime).  I get frames dropped every few seconds, sound is 
not affected
At first I assumed it was the FE playback settings but some 
investigation has isolated it to the one channel and the recorded 
program and LiveTV - even if I play the record programs directly from 
disk, outside Myth, I get the same stuttering, and the stutters are 
always in the same places. I also notice a strange colour effect on some 
colour areas - a sort of brightening or darkening for a frame or 2
I knew that the BBC Prime signal is possibly weaker as the volume is 
always lower than all other channels, even when watching 'normal' TV 
direct from the cable (ie not thru MythTV), but the picture didn't seem 
so bad. Is there any hope of fixing such a problem?


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