[mythtv-users] Trying to recreate my previous myth backend on new distro

Edmund edmund.1 at dial.pipex.com
Wed Sep 10 19:29:59 UTC 2008

> In addition to Kane's reply, have you changed your hostname/IP on the
> new machine? 

> Does your new MySQL installation allow access to remote
> machines?

I thought so (I did comment out the bind-address in my.cnf.) but I have 
just done as mysql root
grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"%" identified by "mythtv";
flush privileges;

and combinded with

chmod a+rwx /media/video

it now seems to be working. Thank you very much for your help.

I did chmod 755 it before not sure why it didn't work.
>  Are your mythfrontend config files (check
> ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt and/or ~/.mythtv/config.xml) looking at the right
> DB?

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