[mythtv-users] Stable frontend for OSX

Brett Jones mythtv-users at brettjones.com
Wed Sep 10 02:52:05 UTC 2008

2008/9/9 Fred Squires <fsquires[at]gmail.com>:
>> Thanks for the info. Most of my crashes occur when changing channels
>> on the frontend.
>> Changing channels on the combined backend/frontend is fine, its only
>> when I do this from the iMac.
>> I could not find the version you had but I'll try some others.
>> thanks
>> Mike
> I also have no problems with the builds from sniderpad. I'm using
> them on both an intel macbook and a ppc mac mini.
> One thing of note is that I almost never watch live tv, so I could
> have the same problems as you, but I'll never notice them.
> Though I did change channels a lot when I was testing the HD channels
> on my HDHomerun from my macbook without any problems. I did change
> the channels from the guide, though. So you might want to compare
> changing channels through the guide compared to changing channels
> directly.
> --

I have some of those problems as well.  In addition, if I don't use the
frontend in full screen mode, I get menu residue - the past menu items don't
clean up in the main menu sections as I navigate through, and I have to
cycle through all of the items to have them redraw on the screen.  Has
anyone else seen this?  Any success in getting it resolved?

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