[mythtv-users] Confusion about DVB vs Analog

RR itsaboutprogress at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 20:10:25 UTC 2008

Thank for the reply.

I am in the US. And you are correct on the QAM256 which is what i had  
to use for mythtv and xaw to find the channels during scan.

Basically I am trying to figure out the best way to get the clearest  
picture from cable. Analog looks pretty bad but i could use it if i  
had to. However, when i finally got xawtv to work which never did  
before until i loaded the dvb module in the kernel, the picture seemed  
much better.

So I dont know if its QAM, ATSC or what but i want the best picture  
and wasnt sure if i was overlooking something i should be using  
instead of analog :)

Hardware: pchdtv 5500 linux pci card
AMD64 X2 running Kubuntu Hardy with kde 4.1
Cable from Cox Communications straight off a wall jack (coax).

thanks for the help

> First: Where are you? You are unlikely to get DVB off a cable system  
> in
> the USA. Digital cable is generally QAM256, and you will not be able  
> to
> get anything but unencrypted channels, most often just the local
> off-airs and perhaps CSPAN or the like.
> Second: What hardware are you using to receive digital signals, how  
> you
> do that depends a lot on your H/W.
> Last: xawtv is only for analog cards, or so I thought. If you get no
> sound it's probably your audio setup.
> beww
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