[mythtv-users] TVRage Importer 0.7 - Updated autogeneration of metadata

Robert McNamara iamlindoro at aol.com
Sun Sep 7 00:27:42 UTC 2008

Nice job, Steve.  I really enjoy your script.

Accordingly, I've updated my set of scripts for automatic generation
of metadata for Mythvideo, which depends on yours, to include the new
version, and made appropriate changes.  The updated script suite is
located at:


As always, the script will create accurate length values for all of
your MythVideo TV shows, movies, etc..  It will create thumbnails for
all programs without them.  It will pull down plot, episode, director,
and airdate info for all TV shows in the MythVideo DB.  What it will
NOT do is discriminate between movies and TV shows, so here is your
fair warning that you should NOT run this set of scripts until you
have finished filling in metadata for your movies.  This script should
be used to fill in the blanks and to handle TV shows only, not feature
films.  Otherwise you will get strange metadata indeed for them.

To use, download the script and untar:

tar xvzf metacleanup-0.4.tar.gz

edit metacleanup.sh with your favorite text editor, and change the
variables at the beginning of the script (DB name, hostname, DB User,
DB Password, path to MythVideo dir, path to Posters dir).  You MUST
have some value for all of the fields.  "root" as a DB user and no
password WILL NOT WORK!  Save, and run the script.


This version of the script runs in "full auto" mode, and will tear
through ALL of your videos which are missing metadata.  There may be
some minor cleanup to be done at the end of the script run, which you
can do through the video manager.

As always, I cannot and will not provide ANY support or help via
e-mail for the script.  If you e-mail me for help, I will ignore you
AND be annoyed with you.  You can ask via the list, and maybe someone
will chime in, but I share these scripts with a complete "hands off"
approach.  They work for me, and they work perfectly for me.  Beyond
that, I don't plan on making them work for others a full time job.  :)


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