[mythtv-users] Weird slowness with LIRC ...

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 15:05:48 UTC 2008


I'm facing something very weird with LIRC ..

I have it perfectly working with mythfrontend.

If I press the down arrow on my remote it scroll the cursor down as it should...
That if I use a completely new database profile.

After I change the option for playback however, not watching TV, just
in the main menu, using the remote will scroll down however, it will
only refresh the screen only every 2 seconds or so.
So say you cursor is on the first line, you press down arrow on the
remote (which send the command "Down" via LIRC) and hold the key, the
cursor will only appear after a few seconds to like the 5th items.

Keep holding it and it's now on the 10th etc.. You don't see the
cursor going down on every single option.

Mind you, if it's the first time I start mythfrontend, then it works fine ...

any ideas?
It's very frustrating when you want to go down the list of all the
recordings , maks it difficult to control the menu.


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