[mythtv-users] VMWare, HDHomerun, and SD-TV

Ben Curtis mythtv at nosolutions.com
Fri Sep 5 14:30:52 UTC 2008

> USB-based devices work in VMware server (free as in beer) and
> workstation (which is not free) but make sure you get VMware Server
> (which is beta) or VMware Wkst 6 as you will probably need the
> (if that even works with media devices).
> Does your serial adapter work by bitbanging the handshake lines
> many IR-transmitters do) and not by sending proper RS232 data I
would be
> equally worried to get that working, do not expect the VM to keep
> accurate enough for bitbanging.
> Consider the option of putting the PVR250 in the physical host
> with the Master backend as a VM (assuming you are running a linux
> VMware server). Another option would be to put the PVR250 in a
> (more details of your setup would help)
> Its possible to run VMware ESXi (which is also free as in beer) on
> whitebox / PC hardware (assuming supported SATA and Network
> but I wouldnt try to get USB or PCI devices to work with that.
> - who run a first try here then on real machine Mythdora4 frontend
> in VMware workstation 5 (with crappy video and no working
So the machine is an Intel Quad Core Server, 6 gigs of RAM, running
VMWare Workstation 6, with the three capture cards in it.  I'm
currently running the backend on the host machine.  Since I "play"
alot, I'd like to move the backend into a VM session like I have done
with my mail and web servers so that I can mess with them and restore
very easily.  I'm not sure how the RS232 cable works, I just made it
to spec and use the standard directv.pl script for RCA receivers. 
I'm not sure what you mean by putting the PVR250 in the host machine
with the master backend running in a VM.  How would it access the
PVR250?  A slave backend running on the host? 
A good example of what I'm trying to accomplish is the new
functionality to compile in Windows.  I got it to compile in an XP VM
for testing, but I don't want to convert my package
installed backend
to a SVN version and have to rollback after the fact with the DB/etc. 
If it was a VM, I could just copy the VMX's somewhere else
temporarily.  I do stuff like this all the time, so the VM would make
things easier. 
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