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On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:01 AM, jansenj
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> wrote:

> > It's a *lot* less hassle to just knock up another front-end box...
> probably
> > going to end up cheaper too.
> Depends if you include the "hassle" you get from your wife from
> spending more money on this hobby.
> Anyway, I can play with different myth config files for different
> sound for two sessions, and I can deal with the remote control
> aspects.
> Can anyone provide any guidance on getting two separate sessions on
> two separate screens preferably with two separate users.  If I need to
> I can stick in a second sound card that I have sitting around.  I
> could use my discrete graphics card to output a screen to a composite
> TV output, and the integrated video (nvidia 6150) to display 1080p on
> the HDTV.  Again, I'm not worried about both sessions playing video at
> the same instance in time, just one or the other.
> Also note: I'm using 8.04 Mythbuntu.
> ________________________________

If  you are not worried about playing video on both screens at the same time
then this is trivial.  I do it all the time.  I have three screens and can
play myth on any one and the sound works fine.  Just set up the screens as
separate screens and NOT TWINVIEW.  The main screen will get myth.  Just
shut it down and open myth on the other screen.  If  you have a way to get
the remote to only work one instance, like a remote keyboard, then you don't
even have to shut down the other one.

This is not hard.

Now you are back to where I started.  Run some coax, or cat-5 as another
post suggested, and watch the videos in the other room.

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