[mythtv-users] Analog Cable Channel Blacked Out?

William N. Powell billpwl1 at verizon.net
Thu Sep 4 15:38:41 UTC 2008

Comcast here in the Baltimore-DC Area pulled all of the analog
broadcasts of the DC Network stations and substituted standard
definition encrypted digital feeds instead. So all of our NTSC TVs and
tuner cards and digital TV's without cable boxen suddenly went black on
those channels.  The HDTV with Cable box continued just fine.

Then on the 23rd of August, they completely changed the entire channel
lineup.  We now have quite a number of unencrypted digital feeds in the
lower 130 channels that we can get with a digital TV without a cable box.

Thought that might esplain the problem that you saw.

I am now trying to get the digital tuner card working with the new cable
lineup as well as getting the schedule purged of the old channel lineup.


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> John Welch wrote:
>> I had a strange (at least for me) issue with a recording from my
>> PVR-150 last night.  For reference, I live in the suburbs of Boston
>> and have Comcast cable.  The channel in question is F/X Network
>> (channel 30 on my lineup).  I have a cable feed going directly into
>> the PVR-150.
>> I setup a recording for 10:00 PM last night.  Around 10:30 or so I
>> decided I would start watching the recording, but was disappointed to
>> find that all I had was a black screen for the entire recording.  My
>> first thought was that the network may be experiencing issues, but I
>> flipped on my cable box to the channel and the show was airing just
>> fine.  My next guess was that I had a hardware/software issue with my
>> PVR-150.  However, I stopped the recording and went to Live TV mode
>> where things were working fine on all the channels I checked except
>> F/X, which was still just showing a black screen.  I then decided to
>> check the channel setup in Myth, figuring that even though I hadn't
>> been in this area of the setup in quite some time that somehow, some
>> way the channel configuration was messed up.  However, that didn't
>> seem to be the case either.  Lastly, I turned on another TV where I
>> have a direct cable feed (no cable box) and sure enough all I got on
>> channel 30 was a black screen.
> I also have Comcast cable in the suburbs of Boston.  I will check out 
> F/X tonight through my PVR-150 and my "direct cable fed" TV and let you 
> know what I see. 
> I was using Live TV to monitor NESN (the Red Sox game) and NECN 
> (convention coverage) in my office and didn't notice any problems.  I 
> just checked (via the mythweb thumbnail) my wife's recording of "90210" 
> on the CW network, and that appears to be OK.
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> On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 1:58 AM, Duncan Brown <mythtv at duncb.co.uk> wrote:
>> This has happened to me a few times and simply restarting the backend
>> solved it
> Thanks. That did it.
> I was going to try that last night but I was recording and I wanted to
> see if anyone had an explanation.
> thanks again!

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