[mythtv-users] optimal ext2fs formatting for recordings

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 14:19:16 UTC 2008

>> http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Setup_Kernel/System_for_MythTV
>> http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1479435
> Reading that second article you'd never think that XFS offers superior
> delete performance to ext3 (which it does).   I guess they weren't
> using large enough files.
And the difference enormous. I mean on my system when I had ext3
deleting a 10GB file (outside of myth so no slow deletes) took minutes
and made the system unresponsive during the delete. With the same
hardware with and XFS 10GB files take less than a second. However
there is one big benefit to ext3 and reiserfs (both have very slow
deletes) is that you can undelete files from both (I have recovered
accidentally deleted mythtv recordings from both) while with XFS I do
not believe this is possible. Also reiserfs and ext3 both allow
filesystem shrinking while XFS can only grow.


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