[mythtv-users] Analog Cable Channel Blacked Out?

Paul Fine pfine at comcast.net
Wed Sep 3 14:17:36 UTC 2008

John Welch wrote:
> I had a strange (at least for me) issue with a recording from my
> PVR-150 last night.  For reference, I live in the suburbs of Boston
> and have Comcast cable.  The channel in question is F/X Network
> (channel 30 on my lineup).  I have a cable feed going directly into
> the PVR-150.
> I setup a recording for 10:00 PM last night.  Around 10:30 or so I
> decided I would start watching the recording, but was disappointed to
> find that all I had was a black screen for the entire recording.  My
> first thought was that the network may be experiencing issues, but I
> flipped on my cable box to the channel and the show was airing just
> fine.  My next guess was that I had a hardware/software issue with my
> PVR-150.  However, I stopped the recording and went to Live TV mode
> where things were working fine on all the channels I checked except
> F/X, which was still just showing a black screen.  I then decided to
> check the channel setup in Myth, figuring that even though I hadn't
> been in this area of the setup in quite some time that somehow, some
> way the channel configuration was messed up.  However, that didn't
> seem to be the case either.  Lastly, I turned on another TV where I
> have a direct cable feed (no cable box) and sure enough all I got on
> channel 30 was a black screen.

I also have Comcast cable in the suburbs of Boston.  I will check out 
F/X tonight through my PVR-150 and my "direct cable fed" TV and let you 
know what I see. 

I was using Live TV to monitor NESN (the Red Sox game) and NECN 
(convention coverage) in my office and didn't notice any problems.  I 
just checked (via the mythweb thumbnail) my wife's recording of "90210" 
on the CW network, and that appears to be OK.

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