[mythtv-users] HD Homerun possible to capture stream with no mythtv installed yet?

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Tue Sep 2 15:56:11 UTC 2008

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> diane mittnik wrote:
>> I haven't spec'd out a computer yet for mythtv.  I was waiting for AMD to
>> release some faster phenoms that are low-power (65 watt), but so far 1.8 GHz
>> is it (was waiting for the 2 GHz phenom, 4 core, that was supposed to be
>> released in August).  Since another thread on the HD-PVR states that because
>> the HD-PVR only does single-slice recording and won't put multiple cores to
>> use, therefore requires a high MHz dual-core cpu instead of a lower MHz (and
>> lower power cost) but more cores (4) cpu, I've decided to wait (for
>> faster/low power cpus coming) rather than commit to ordering parts and
>> building a mythtv computer I know I won't be happy with in 6 months.
>> In the meantime...if I can catch the HDHomerun on sale with free shipping
>> again, will it be possible to "record" OTA programs by capturing the stream
>> somehow?  Will I also be able to "capture" sound as well?  I'm thinking if I
>> can dump the stream to a file by using a cron job to capture the streams
>> when the programs I want to record are playing... is this possible?
>> Is a command line sufficient to capture a video/audio stream and also tune
>> the HDHomerun to a certain channel for the capture?  If not, can I pre-tune
>> the HDHomerun to a certain channel, capture via a cron job, then manually
>> change the channel on the HDHomerun through a command line or other manual
>> method to record a different channel...
>> If possible, this would also allow others who are assembling parts for a
>> mythtv computer to start capturing some programs while the computer is being
>> assembled or while waiting for other parts to arrive.  Or just to test while
>> the mythtv computer is otherwise busy/unavailable.
> The answer is "yes, yes, yes and yes" if you can write a commandline script.
> If you read the help files for the HDHR, or the instructions as silicon 
> dust, the hdhr can be set from the command line. You can set it to a 
> channel using hdhomerunconfig.
> Then capture the stream with a cat > file.
Do you even need to cat it? Can't the hdhomerunconfig command save 
directly to a file? I seem to recall it can, but I hardly ever use that 
facility, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.


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