[mythtv-users] Import Old Previously Recorded database table?

James Skimming James.Skimming at portraitsoftware.com
Mon Sep 1 13:24:17 UTC 2008

Also Ryan,


I originally had a problem with duplicate entries, because I'd recorded
some test programs after creating the new system. I was able to delete
all previous data through the frontend, and then the import worked fine.




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Hi Ryan,


I've just done the same for all the recording data.


The instructions here show you how to do it.








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I had an 0.20.2 mythtv install that worked great for me. But I had to
stop using that computer and I was able to dump the MySQL database
before I lost access to that machine. Now I've got a 0.21 mythtv install
on a new computer that's working great. I don't mind to reinput the
recording schedule for my favorite TV shows, but I hate that the new
install doesn't know about all the episodes I watched on the previous
Myth box.

So, my question is, with the database dump from my 0.20.2 box, can I
just import the oldrecorded table into my 0.21 database and have it
"know" about all the shows I've already seen? Or is more complicated
than that? I'm familiar with mysql and SQL and don't mind messing around
with them if there is no easier way to restore this data. The tables
look the same so I think I'll just try it out and see what happens, but
I'd like to see if anyone else had any experience with this or know if
the contents of the table depended on anything else that I should also


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