[mythtv-users] Bd BER from GFX card ?

covert covert thecovert at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 07:12:05 UTC 2008

Been trying to solve my problem with getting a bad BER of around
0x0500 - 0x3000. I have noticed with different GFX cards it gets
worse. I noticed it was related to the GFX card when I stopped
watching a show and dropped back to the menu. Tuner was still
recording and the BER dropped to between 0x00 and 0x0A. GFX card was
no longer doing hard work. My video acceleration is set to Xv.

First GFX card was a 6600GT missing it's fan and it was getting hot.
So I just assumed heat.
Second GFX card was a passively cooled 7300GS. This one seemed to have
results just as bad as the 6600GT.
Third card is a 8500GT and I am getting the best results out of it
with a low BER (for now)

Has anyone else noticed a similar problem ?

My GFX card slot is the next slot over from a PCI slot with a Sat card
in it. Along side that Sat card is another Sat card.

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