[mythtv-users] Internal player is muted‏

not James Knox jamesknox9 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 1 04:02:57 UTC 2008

>On 08/30/2008 03:52 PM, not James Knox wrote:
>> I'm using MythVideo to watch my digital media, and while previous 
>> versions seemed to work rather well, with these latest rpms (the ones 
>> for Suse 10.2 off of packman) suddenly the sound is gone when I'm 
>> playing media on the internal player. Not only that, the volume 
>> control on my remote doesn't seem to have any effect either. Here's my 
>> lircrc. That's the one that I edit to make the remote work with the 
>> players, right? Note that most of the other controls for the internal 
>> player do work, but the volume doesn't. I mean, I don't even get the 
>> popup indicating a volume change.

>Did you check MythControls to verify that VOLUMEUP is F11 and VOLUMEDOWN 
>is F10 in TV Playback, TV Frontend, and/or Music contexts?

No, actually, I didn't. How do I do that? I don't see any mythcontrols executable anywhere. Is that some add-on that I probably don't have? Can I install it through one of the Packman rpms for Suse?

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