[mythtv-users] ld: cannot find -lXvMCNVIDIA

Wendel, Ryan wendelr at uncw.edu
Thu Oct 30 12:29:19 UTC 2008

Thanks, I ended up using the following configure command:

./configure --compile-type=release --cpu=i686 --tune=i686 --enable-mmx --prefix=/usr/local --libdir-name=lib --enable-xvmc --enable-xvmc-vld --enable-xvmc-pro --enable-xvmc-opengl --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-opengl-video --enable-libfftw3

I'm curious, what benefits do you derive from using Axel Thimm's drivers?


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On Mon, 27 Oct 2008, Wendel, Ryan wrote:

> I'm having trouble compiling MythTV (from svn). I get the following error upon trying to compile:
> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXvMCNVIDIA
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> Here is my config command:
> ./configure --enable-xvmc-opengl --xvmc-lib=XvMCNVIDIA --prefix=/usr/local --enable-proc-opt

Is there a specific reason why you're overriding XvMC autodetection? Axel
Thimm's MythTV RPMs seem to use the XvMC wrapper, which then in turn is
configured by /etc/X11/XvMCConfig to use libXvMCNVIDIA.so.

Try something like:

./configure --compile-type=release --cpu=i686 --tune=i686 --enable-mmx
--prefix=/usr --libdir-name=lib --x11-path=/usr/include
--enable-joystick-menu --enable-lirc --enable-ivtv --enable-firewire
--enable-dvb --dvb-path=/usr/include/v4l/ --enable-audio-oss
--enable-audio-alsa --enable-audio-arts --enable-audio-jack --enable-x11
--enable-xrandr --enable-xv --enable-xvmc --enable-xvmc-vld
--enable-xvmc-pro --enable-xvmc-opengl --enable-opengl-vsync
--disable-directfb --enable-libfaac --enable-libfftw3 --enable-fribidi
--enable-opengl-video --enable-ffmpeg-pthreads

> The subsequent video output:
> x11 support               yes
> xrandr support            yes
> xv support                yes
> XvMC support              yes
> XvMC VLD support          no
> XvMC pro support          no
> XvMC OpenGL sup.          yes
> XvMC libs                 -lXvMCNVIDIA

If that flag is being picked up automagically, then it ought to have a
-L/usr/lib/nvidia, I reckon. Personally, I use Axel Thimm's nvidia driver
packages in preference to Livna's.

> -Ryan

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