[mythtv-users] HDHR unavailable in Fedora 9

Larry K lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 13:26:23 UTC 2008

I just upgraded my mythtv system to Fedora 9 (on Asus M3N78-VM) and now
mythtv cannot see the tuners. I cannot discover the HDHR with
hdhomerun_config either. I have confirmed the following:

   no firewall is running (initially it was, to my disbelief)
   my router shows the IP of the HDHR and it can be PINGed from the FC9 box
   another Linux FC7 box on my network can discover it with hdhomerun_config

   a windows machine can connect and watch TV from the HDHR

This appears to be an issue with the FC9 install, but what? I was forced to
remove a package called iwl4965-firmware in order to install the kernel I
wanted to use. This packages deals with wireless, and I am using a wired
connection, so I don't think it is a factor. But I mention it just in case.

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