[mythtv-users] Asus EEE as frontend

Mogens Kjaer mk at lemo.dk
Tue Oct 28 12:05:05 UTC 2008

Per Jørgensen wrote:
> Hey Guys.
> I've seen this machine is landed in Denmark and have hoped it'll be good 
> solution for the frontends in my house.
> http://www.linuxshoppen.dk/products.php?showvariant_id=6668
> (it's a danish site)
> But not as much technician so knowing much about how much it can.
> Is it possible to have this running as a frontend delivering satisfying 
> TV from a backend using DVB-S ??? including HD?

mythfrontend runs nicely on an Eee 901, it's the same CPU.

Havn't tried HD, my backend only has DVB-T.

Nice little thing, runs 4 hours on battery.


Mogens Kjaer, mk at lemo.dk

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