[mythtv-users] long delay on Skip Forward

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at supernet.ab.ca
Sun Oct 26 22:34:40 UTC 2008

On Friday 24 October 2008 18:06, Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> On Oct 24, 2008, at 5:00 PM, Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
> > I was wondering about that too. I already use the (some?) suggested
> > settings.
> > Maybe not enough?
> >
> > # suggested for mythtv performance
> > key_buffer=16M
> > table_cache=128
> > sort_buffer_size=8M
> > query_cache_size=16M
> My response to "Maybe not enough?" is "it might be too much" if you're
> setting aside more RAM than your system has free for MySQL, you could
> be using SWAP which would have the opposite effect. You need to decide
> if you're using swap and adjust your memory allocation accordingly.
> If you are swapping, there will be a delay when you switch from RAM to
> swap. There might be network issues happening if your frontend is not
> on the same machine as your backend. Basically, there are TONS of
> variables when talking about something taking longer than expected, so
> I'm just throwing out the common ones.

Yes I'm probably due to add some RAM to the 500M that's in there now that I'm 
pushing the machine harder with my Big New Drive to fill.

But I also have another hunch, that I'll test this week, that with all the 
scheduling and recording I'm doing my database needs optimizing more often. I 
just did it this morning (Sunday cron job), so plenty of Sunday sports to 
test with. :-) So far so good - I am really quite amazed how I can Skip 
Forward and Back so easily through the Telnet interface.

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