[mythtv-users] I can't make any progress in getting Mythtv to work

daryl sofasurferlinux at charter.net
Sat Oct 25 06:14:43 UTC 2008

I have read all the how-tos and manuals and I am not able to get Mythtv 
to do anything for me? It seems that everything I read is written with 
the assumption that a new user already has some built-in understanding 
of the terminology and processes involved.

I installed 'mythtv' with synaptic. Now when I click on 
system>administration>mythtv backend setup I get a message "backend must 
be closed before continueing. Is it ok to close backend processes". I 
chose 'ok'.
A ternimal window then opened for a couple seconds and the I am asked to 
chose a preferred language. I chose english. The next message is 'NO 
UPnP BACKENDS FOUND'. I click on 'ok' and 'database configuration 1/2' 
comes up.

I guess the 'NO UPnP BACKENDS FOUND' was simply verifying that the 
backend was shut down.

My localhost name is 'localhost'.There is no port setting.Database name 
is 'mythconverg'. Username was 'mythtv' but I changed it to 'daryl' 
since I am in the mythtv group. It then lists password which was also 

I changed the password to the password found   in the 'mysql.txt' file.

Next to where is says "ping test server" there is a space labeled 
"port". Should there be anything in it?

Page 2 has these options. "Use custom identifier for frontend 
preferences" and "Enable database server wakeup". I think these can be 
left alone for now. Correct?

Now when I click the "finish" button I get this message "Cannot find 
(ping) database host on network. Clicking on "ok" takes my back to the 
first configuration page.

I can not do anything but go in circles that lead nowhere.

Am I missing a trick or what? What is the solution to setting up Mythtv.

My Hauppauge HVR 1600 is detected according to dmesg cx18.

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