[mythtv-users] Plugging a non-TV source to a capture card line input?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 24 14:43:15 UTC 2008

On 10/24/2008 09:33 AM, Krzysztof Adamski wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-24-10 at 02:11 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 10/24/2008 01:31 AM, Jake wrote:
>>>>> Use v4l2-ctl --set-input to set the input of your device (v4l2-ctl --
>>>>> list-input if you don't know which one to use), then cat /dev/videoX >
>>>>> myfile.mpg is much easier than setting up a fake tuner, making sure
>>>>> mythtv doesn't use it, then schedule a manual recording. Just make
>>>>> sure nothing is scheduled to record while you're using that tuner. You
>>>>> can always remove the input connections from mythtv-setup for that
>>>>> tuner, restart the backend, then put them back when you're done so you
>>>>> know it won't try to use the tune while you're recording from your VCR.
>>>> Sure, I could totally bypass mythtv and do what you say, but I was kind of
>>>> hoping to be able to see the video mostly live and be able to hit record
>>>> around the right time (yes, I know about the liveTV delay, which is why I
>>>> say "about").
>>> you can definitely setup the tuner in myth and do a custom record but
>>> if you go the cat /dev/video route you can always view the mpg in real
>>> time using mplayer which is easier.  there are a lot of ways to do
>>> this and using myth is always an option but you incur the "penalty" of
>>> the scheduler so doing it manually is easier IMHO.
>> Jake and Brad are right.  Using MythTV to digitize old tapes is like 
>> using a Ferrari to haul lumber (or like using a long-bed pickup in a 
>> street race--point being it's the wrong tool for the job).  Here's why: 
>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/232857#232857
> Also (I may be wrong) if you hit record, it saves not from the point you
> hit record but from the point you started to watch.

Or, if you don't have guide data, from the point your started to watch 
or from the most-recent top-of-the-hour or half-hour point since you've 
been watching.  It also cuts off every half hour.  (Yeah, my description 
in the old e-mail is no longer current--it's now on the top- or half-hour.)

> I think the main advantage of using myth for this is to be able to use
> the video editor to generate the cut list.

You can always import the recording.  See (the legacy, should be 
converted to use the Perl bindings, not guaranteed to work, but is 
probably good enough) myth.rebuilddatabase.pl script in contrib.

> On this note is there a Linux video editor that is as easy to use as the
> one in myth?

Cinelarra?  (That's a joke--it's far removed from easy.  :)

avidemux2 isn't bad.


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