[mythtv-users] Corrupted output from PVR-150

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Fri Oct 24 06:38:41 UTC 2008

My combined FE/BE system is an old Athlon 1400Mhz based system.  I
have been running with one PVR-150 and on WinTV Go Plus (BTTV) for
quite some time now.  Generally this works, but problems happen if
both tuners are recording while a program is being viewed.  This
scenario occurs more often as we adapt to using Myth.

I recently picked up a PVR-150 for about $35 to replace the BTTV card.
 Unfortunately I think I may have received a bad card.  The recordings
from the new (to me) PVR-150 look like a really old tv with a bad
v-hold adjustment.  After a bit of searching I adjusted the
pci_latency for my SATA controller to be higher than that of the PVRs
but this does not seem to help.

My original PVR-150 still seams to work without issue; so I am
guessing that the new card is defective.  I've attached a screenshot
of what the cards output looks like just in case someone else has seen
this and might know how to fix.

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