[mythtv-users] Why RAID 5 stops working in 2009

Mache Creeger mache at creeger.com
Thu Oct 23 03:48:17 UTC 2008

 From Slashdot

Lally Singh recommends a ZDNet piece predicting 
the imminent demise of RAID 5, noting that 
increasing storage and non-decreasing probability 
of disk failure will collide in a year or so. 
This reader adds, "Apparently, RAID 6 isn't far 
behind. I'll keep the ZFS plug short. Go ZFS. There, that was it."


-- Mache

"Disk drive capacities double every 18-24 months. 
We have 1 TB drives now, and in 2009 we'll have 2 
TB drives. With a 7-drive RAID 5 disk failure, 
you'll have 6 remaining 2 TB drives. As the RAID 
controller is busily reading through those 6 
disks to reconstruct the data from the failed 
drive, it is almost certain it will see an 
[unrecoverable read error]. So the read fails ... 
The message 'we can't read this RAID volume' 
travels up the chain of command until an error 
message is presented on the screen. 12 TB of your 
carefully protected  you thought!  data is 
gone. Oh, you didn't back it up to tape? Bummer!" 
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