[mythtv-users] watkinshome at gmail.com

Killero SS killero_24 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 20:53:32 UTC 2008

>> i have a satellite receiver (but is not hdtv) so I wonder will i be able to connect this to my digital box via svideo cable?
>> can't find that info anywhere, they talk about the signal, but no sure about the inputs
>Well this link
>states S-Video and audio inputs so, Yes, you should be fine as far as
>an S-video input from your digibox goes.

thanks for replying

that page doesnt say anything useful for linux, so the question is will this card work with the signal coming from the svideo input on linux with myhtv taking into account my sat box is not hdtv

i'm not an expert on signal or linux tv as you can see, so i may be confused about the atsc/ntsc support on that input, not sure whats the signal output coming from the box


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