[mythtv-users] Winfast DTV2000H ver J

homer homer39 at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 21 08:49:52 UTC 2008

Hello All,
	Long time linux user, first time MythTV user.

	After my 3rd dvd recorder died on me, I decided to build my own myth
box.  Did a bit of research and found that although the Winfast DTV2000H
had 2 versions and that only version I was supported by linux, I figured
since all reports on this were atleast 12 months old that someone
(somewhere) would have found a way to get this card working.
	I have successfully got it working under Suse 10.3 with the remote
control and quite pleased with the results. However...

Outside MythTV (eg tvtime, etc)+

	* Analogue video/sound works perfectly
	* Remote works but needs tweeking
	* Digital TV sometimes works but depends on whether I have it
installed as a Connexant or Winfast card.
	* Able to change between tv/analogue/radio
Inside MythTV

	* Digital TV works perfectly, both sound and video.
	* Analogue video works but sound very crackly and distorted.
	* Remote works perfectly but some buttons need to be reconfigured.
	* Cant seem to switch between analogue/tv/radio

	As much as I hated doing it, I put XP on to test that the card was
functioning the way it should.  Now I know why I prefer linux.
After about 12 reboots just to get windows and the associated software
installed I finially got to watch The Simpsons through my computer.
	The video/sound work perfectly and I can switch between inputs (albeit
only through the keyboard)
	The remote has limited function and is actually much easier through the
keyboard/mouse. (not really ideal though)

	I invite anyone who has got this type of card to reply back with their
experiences and what they have done to get it fully functional.

	I am still working on finding the dream state where I can ditch the
windows partition and run 100% linux.
	I am running the following hardware:
		ASRock P4i65G motherboard (onboard sound/video/lan)
		D-Link wireless network card
		2gb CPU
		DTV2000H tuner/capture card
		120GB WD HDD (with access to 750GB on network)

	I have only tried it on Suse 10.3 but once I have finished this letter
will be giving 11.0 a go.

	Thanks in advance.



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