[mythtv-users] Quiet fans

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Tue Oct 21 00:33:02 UTC 2008

> HI Peter:
> Thanks for looking into this.  A couple of questions:
> One of my cases has 1 group of 2 60mm fans, and 1 group of 2 80mm  
> fans,
> a total of 4 fans.  The other has 1 group of 2 60mm fans and 1 group  
> of
> 5 60mm fans, a total of 7 fans.  Would there be enough current to  
> drive
> 2-3 fans from one connection or would I need to drive each fan  
> separately?
> For the programmatically controlled unit, would the cost drop
> significantly if the LCD was dropped?
> Anyway, given your prices, you would probably be looking at having to
> sell these at $50 and $25 to make it worthwhile.  I'd be in for one of
> each or maybe 2 of the programmable ones if I can use 1 per case.
> --Yan

Assuming your case power supply can put that much current through one  
connector, it should be doable. Looks like there are at least a few  
people interested in this, so I'm going to move ahead with at least  
breadboarding it.

The LCD itself is $10 or less in quantity, and the other changes  
needed are all in the code.


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