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On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 10:15 PM, David Fishburn <dfishburn.mythtv at gmail.com
> wrote:

> > Than the stuff, where I did search and probably missed it: Does remote
> > works, is the wifi fast enough (currently for my mythtv i use 100mb
> > wired), and do you need a special mouse or keyboard to set it up?
> You have 2 choices on the remote.
> 1.  Either plugin in your own USB receiver and use it like any other Myth
> box.
> 2.  Use a learning remote (like a Harmony) and record enough key
> presses (around 60 probably) and map them to your remote and a
> .lircrc.
> I used approach 2, since I wanted to be able to use my Harmony 670 AND
> my AppleTV remote.
Yea I got this working.  My problem was when Recording with irrecord, the
codes for each press was different, ie. 0x0A01, 0x0A07, 0x0B01, etc., but
the bindings for the +,-,>>,<< when I ran irw picked up the same signal, so
0x0A01 and 0A07 both picked up whatever was bound to 01 (this isn't exact I
can't remember), so I could only do 3 keybindings per UID (menu+play for 6
seconds), although 3x256 is still plenty.

> The wifi is definitely fast enough for SD.  That is all I use here and
> I use it with 802.11g.
> You just need a USB based:
> 1.  Mouse
> 2.  Keyboard
> 3.  USB hub (powered)
Yea, but I hope the one thing is the first time only.  The first time I went
into the Programing GUIde, took like 5 minutes or  more to come up, still
takes awhile, like 30 seconds to 1 minute to come up, annoying.

> Though, I am not certain you might be able to do it all just via the
> telnet interface.  I can't remember if I actually needed the usb
> keyboard at all.
> I think you do need the mouse to run an install and choose all the
> options though.  Certainly easier with it.
> HTH,
> Dave
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