[mythtv-users] no video on playback (thumbnail good)

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Sat Oct 18 14:59:29 UTC 2008

I am using an HDHomerun with Comcast. I just did a channel scan for the
first time in a while, and there were a couple of groups of new channels
(81#0, 81#1, etc.) that I had not seen before. I always seem to have
problems tuning "iffy" channels in LiveTV; it hangs for a while, then
gives the blue screen of death ("Error displaying video" and all I can
do is go back to the main menu), so rather than get into the frustrating
process of trying to figure out what the channels are with LiveTV, I
decided to try just doing a manual recording of five minutes of each of
them to see if I could figure out what they are. The hdhomerun_config
scan never reports anything on any of my channels other than that there
is a channel there ("PROGRAM 1: 0.0") so this is about the only way I
can see what the channels are. So I did this for the 8 channels for 81#0
through 81#7. On all of these, the thumbnails look fine, but when I go
to play back the recording, the audio sounds fine but the video is

Before I start the time consuming process of digging into logs, wikis,
gossamer-threads, etc., I'm just wondering if anybody has seen this
particular set of symptoms before so that I can narrow down what to look


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