[mythtv-users] Getting this working should NOT be this hard!

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Fri Oct 17 02:18:12 UTC 2008

} Anyhow, here's where my problems start:  after I setup all of the cards 
} and scanned for channels accordingly, if I go into MythWeb and look at 
} the channel editor, all of my Analog channels are on SourceID 1, the 
} Firewire are on ID 2, and the Digital (DVB) are on ID 3.  Not a major 
} issue, but my Backend status page says I have encoders 5 -> 7.  Where's 
} 1, 2, and 3?
the numbers are unrelated to each other. technically I think the sourceID
is like the which of how many entries in schedules direct you have.
the encoder is just the number of encoders the backend has seen in its
lifetime of which it lists only the current ones.

} Next, when I try to tune an analog channel, it may or may not come on.  
} If it does, I get a picture for a second, then the screen fills in all 
} green, then back to a still picture, and so on.  The audio sounds almost 
} like what you'd hear if you put a baseball card in the spokes of a 
} bicycle tire.  In my backend log, I get alot of these errors:
} 2008-10-16 21:39:07.217 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: Resetting and re-queueing
} 2008-10-16 21:39:09.218 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: DQBUF ioctl failed.
}                         eno: Input/output error (5)
not a clue but it sounds like no firmware for the card in /lib/firmware
or where ever mythbuntu puts it.

} If I tune a digital channel (via DVB), I get a picture, but its VERY 
} slow.  Almost as if I have a TiVO or Comcast DVR recording playing on 
} the slowest Fast Forward setting.  Again, the audio is the "baseball 
} card in the spokes" analogy.

this was caused by a poorly choosen interlacer when I had such a problem.

} If I tune a firewire channel, I get a frozen picture followed by a 
} message stating "You should have gotten a signal lock by now...".  No 
} audio is heard at all.

check to see if the tuner is actually connected to the firewire port 
you told mythtv-setup it was.
will help on that. baring that change the firewire settings to like 200mbps
and broadcast or some such thing in the setup. its been a while since Ive
done firewire but I remember doing these things.

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