[mythtv-users] What hardware do I need to be able to dual record using Comcast cable?

David Madsen david.madsen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 21:22:29 UTC 2008

> New 500GB HD                   = $60
> Cost per hour of transcoding = 50W * $0.09 = $0.0045/hr
> Hours of transcoding needed to equal cost of a new drive = $60 /
> $0.0045/hr = 13,333 hours (~555 days)
> Given the assumptions either explicitly or implicitly made here
> (backend running 24/7, little or no difference in drive power usage,
> etc.) transcoding still seems to be viable for this person.  These
> numbers may be a bit skewed since my electricity cost is relatively
> low, and the Q6600 is quite efficient at encoding but 13,333 hours is
> a LOT of TV watching/recording to do before the break even point.
> Of course this analysis is only taking into account the cost alone,
> and doesn't factor in some of the other good points made relating to
> drive failures etc.

Just to clarify, that 13,333 hours is /transcoding/ hours.  Based on
the time from the previous analysis (which is high quality H.264) this
is 3,333 hours of actual programming. (~139 days)


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