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I have a windows machine, to which I recently added a 2nd monitor. I tried several options to playback recording on the 2nd monitor. I setup the windows port of the regular myth frontend. It worked but was buggy and unreliable. Recordings would stop completely and there were crashes, etc. I also tried mythtv player. It was more reliable, but lack of a deinterlacer is frustrating, and it did intermittently have rebuffering pauses.

So my third attempt was to run a frontend in VMWare. I saw in the archives that others have had success with this setup. However, it seems to be necessary to map the recordings directory via NFS on the frontend rather than use the regular streaming from the backend. Then set the mapped folder up in a local storage group on the frontend. I am not really clear on how this will work. I can map the drive with NFS, but does it need to be mapped to same location as it is in the backend? Do I need to add it to the same storage group? I have only ever used the default storage group so I am not very familiar with them, however, they seem pretty straight forward. Any guidance on this or tips would be appreciated.

You shouldn't need to make any storage groups on the FE VM-in fact, you can't make a local storage group unless you are running a BE on the VM as well-which would be useless.

All you need to do is mount the TV share(s) via NFS-I usually mount them in the /mnt dir, then I use symlinks to make those mounts 'appear' in the same locations as the BE. In other words, make sure the recordings are available via the same path on both the BE and the FE.

FYI, I've tried a VM at various times and never gotten the performance I needed while watching video. If this works for you, I'd be interested to hear more specifics on what hardware/software you are using.

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