[mythtv-users] Upgrade risk assessment

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Wed Oct 15 21:16:39 UTC 2008

 But then again, (tens of?) thousands of people have upgraded
>without a single problem, and the few that did have problems likely
>worked around those problems easily.
>Have fun,
>   Marc

I disagree. I've seen tons of ubuntu threads where people had major problems
after upgrades. Sound is usually the one biggie. I myself experienced the
issue. My optical plug just didn't work after upgrading from feisty to
gusty. The solution after days of googling: backup mythtv database, wipe
hard drive and do a fresh install. There probably was a reasonable solution,
but not when your mythbox is down. Minimizing downtime is essential for many
myth setups. That sucked. That's why I now have good backup scripts in
place. Takes only 15 minutes to do a complete backup of my system and if
something goes wrong with the update/upgrade, a perfectly nice working
system is only a 15 minute restore away.

I'd err on the side of caution if this is a "production" mythbox.


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