[mythtv-users] PS3 v2.50 & Mythtv, great news for BBCHD & European TV

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Wed Oct 15 09:06:04 UTC 2008

Great News.

I just updated my PS3 to firmware version 2.50 and found two new 
features that are great for European Mythtv users like me using a PS3 to 
watch Myth recordings, especially BBC HD :-)
There is now a 50Hz playback setting, doesn't seem to do anything on 
auto but set it to 50Hz and all 50fps (or 25fps) material now switches 
the display to 50Hz when the playback starts, great stuff.

I've been torn between watching poorly scaled SDTV at 25fps via my PVR 
or great scaling via the PS3 playing from MythTV but output at 60Hz, the 
PS3 does a respectable job of frame rate conversion but it shouldn't 
need to convert at all and as a broadcast engineer it's painfully 
obvious. The feature description says it's for recordings on the 
harddisk only but it works for uPnP content too.

The other new feature which doesn't even get a mention in the changelog 
is that now you can switch audio tracks in a transport stream from the 
audio button (bluray remote). I always found that with BBC HD recordings 
  I always got the audio description stereo track and had to transcode 
to a programme stream with only the dolby digital track to get the PS3 
to play the DD track. Now it seems the PS3 won't play my transcoded 
tracks audio at all!! It seems happy with new untranscoded recordings 
and I can probably re-code back to a transport stream for the stuff I 
haven't watched or want to keep.

I guess we have the European PlayTV adaptor to thank for this.

I wonder if they have fixed playback of HD with multiple DD tracks or 
MPEG4 in an AVI wrapper? One way to find out....

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