[mythtv-users] Myth not calling channel change script

John H arizonamythtv at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 19:04:10 UTC 2008

I having been having this same problem and I use the coax analog input
from my Dish (Expressvu) satellite box into my PVR-350. I need the card
to be tuned to channel 4 and have set this in the input connection screen
as the previous poster has mentioned. What I am curious of is how it was
resolved. Did you just delete the "Preset Channel to" number and leave it
blank? Has anyone else had similar issues and what was your resolution?
My script works fine manually from the command line. Note that Live TV
doesn't work either and I suspect it's related to channel problems of some
related nature.

I as well need my card tuned to a specific channel plus I need an IR
Blaster. In the previous version of MythTV, the preset to channel
didn't work so what I did is I added a statement to my rc.local so on
boot thus the card is automatically set to the proper channel so I
just leave the preset blank in mythtv. The card tunes to the proper
channel and the IR Blaster works.

/usr/bin/ivtv-tune -c 7 -d /dev/video0

where 7 is the preset channel and the /dev/video0 is the device you want preset.

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