[mythtv-users] Mythtv Record options

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Oct 14 16:19:15 UTC 2008

Nick Morrott wrote:
> I maintain the Radio Times XMLTV grabber, and have introduced
> functionality to look for inconsistent titles and subtitles and
> reformat them before the listings data is output. This works well and
> will increase the accuracy of the scheduler in MythTV, but is still
> far from perfect. However, without access to the raw listings, we are
> at the mercy of a data provider upstream to consistently reuse the
> same programme information whenever a particular episode is broadcast.
> In my experience, the RT data has been very consistent over the past 4
> years, which allows for recording rules to match new and old showings
> of programmes across channels with a high degree of accuracy.
Bah. I have been trying to set up a rule for Jools Holland, only the first two 
of the series are:

"Later...with Jools Holland"
"Later... with Jools Holland"

- spot the extra space. Do you think I could figure out a way to set up a 
schedule which covers both of these? Nope. A custom search does find them both, 
but turned into a custom schedule finds nothing consistently. It seeme there are 
subtle differences between search terms and schedule terms, beyond the abilities 
of my sql-fu.

I ended up with two rules. Would someone care to (1) administer a clue-bat to 
the Radio Times (which seems to have gotten worse lately) and (2) enlighten me 
how I can ensure I can trap similar variations in the future?


Mike Perkins

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