[mythtv-users] mac-mini frontend for HD

Jason Weida jason.m.weida at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 21:28:10 UTC 2008

I've done some digging on gossamer and the wiki, but I'm having
difficulty finding the answer to my question...

Quick background: I have an underpowered PC which is a combo FE/BE
right now.  I have a HDHomeRun, and all I use myth for is as a PVR for
OTA programming.  Right now, I have to transcode everything down in
order to watch my recordings.  My plan is to use this underpowerd PC
simply as a backend and purchase a Mac mini as a dedicated frontend.
I don't mind doing a little work, but I don't want to have to spend
months just to get the frontend working, so here are my questions:

1. My TV has component inputs, but it's not HD capable.  Of course,
I'll eventually get an HD display (when this one dies :-)).  How
difficult is it going to be to make the physical connection and will I
have issues with screen resolution, etc.  I can live with SVideo, but
prefer component.
2. Is there any benefit to running *buntu rather than using the OSX
frontend binaries?
3. Should I upgrade anything on the mini?  It's purpose in life will
be 98% FE.  I'll occasionally watch a daily show off Hulu, too, so
I'll stick firefox on it for that purpose.  The base mini is 1.83GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo with 1GB memory.

My impression is I can install myth frontend from the binaries on OSX,
use the built in IR port w/ my universal remote, buy a cable to
connect to my component input on my TV and buy a cable to connect the
optical digital output to my receiver.  Then, after configuring my
remote and tweaking the screen settings (as I have done with my
current setup), I'll have a near silent frontend that can do any HD
content I can get OTA with my HDHR, and watch live TV.  Is that a
wrong impression?

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