[mythtv-users] mythtv-setup wont export to a different xserver display (over ssh)

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Mon Oct 13 02:08:05 UTC 2008

Yan Seiner wrote:
> r
> Damn, I used to have an old laptop that I had this set up on...
> Read up on the GDM docs.  There is a setting in gdm.conf that tells it 
> to only act as an XDMCP server and not start a local X session at all.
> Then you can use any other gdm login to remotely connect.  Again, you 
> may have to enable the menu option in that machine's gdm.conf
> It's really simple if you find the settings - one or two lines on each 
> machine IIRC.
OK, on my debian lenny system, add


to gdm.conf on the server.  Restart gdm.

I don't know how you disable the local X session.

On the client, there is a "Connect using XDMCP" under "Actions" (I'm 
translating here so it may not be the exact wording) at the gdm login.

It should locate the server via broadcasts. If the server is firewalled, 
you'll have to allow UDP 177 IIRC.


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