[mythtv-users] xbmc killed my sound

Andreas linuxdreas at dslextreme.com
Sun Oct 12 01:45:15 UTC 2008

Am Saturday 11 October 2008 17:05:56 schrieb Brad DerManouelian:
> I'm running Ubuntu Hardy. With all this talk about how great xbmc is,
> I decided to give it a try. I installed it and couldn't get much
> working (for instance, I had sound in the interface, but no videos
> would play back with sound, I couldn't get it to talk to the Myth uPNP
> server, etc, etc.)

I just installed it too, with mixed results. But then again, it's in beta 
status, and the Linux branch seems a rather recent development.

> so I go back to my myth frontend and now I don't 
> have sound *anywhere*. I uninstalled xbmc and still no sound. I
> noticed xbmc installed pulseaudio. I uninstalled that. I still have no
> sound.

Must be a Ubuntu thing. XBMC does not require pulse audio. At least not on my 
openSUSE installation, and also not according to their website:
and especially

> I've been hacking at this for a few hours now and I'm about to
> reformat my machine just to get my audio back. Any help is appreciated.

I have absolutely no idea about Ubuntu (or any debian & derivatives) , but 
maybe you can force a re-install of all the "sound stuff", particularly alsa, 
the sounddriver's firrmware,  and libasound? And I see lots of references to 
a file "asoundrc" when people report sound problems here. Just search the 
mailing list archives for more infos.


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