[mythtv-users] Time for the big upgrade. Need some advice!

Nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Sat Oct 11 19:58:28 UTC 2008

Hey all,

I have been a MythTV user for many many years. I have always operated 
under the "if it ain't broke" practice but now it's time for an 
upgrade.  I would love to hear from some of you concerning the upgrade 
hardware and distribution.

I need two IR blasters: I currently run analog cable with two PVR150's. 
Just upgraded (mostly by force) to digital cable and now I have a cable 
box. When I get it working I will get a second. My PVRs didn't come with 
the blasters. I see wikis and such talking about Microsoft media center 
remotes but I don't see much for sale. What should I get (see software 

Total Media Server: My system is a self contained set top HTPC type of 
system with an AMD1800+ CPU and 380GB of disk. I have music on my laptop 
hard drive, a desktop system, a ton on an external drive, my wife has 
music on her laptop, ipod and external drive. I want to consolidate all 
this.  I'm going to get a 1TB drive and need to decide if I should go 
with a seperate backend server. I don't want to buy another PC so I may 
try to piece one together from parts I have.

Mythdora or Mythbuntu?
I run Ubuntu everywhere else in the house and laptops. I have run Fedora 
for the MythBox for many years. Which is more 1 clickish install for the 
IR blasters? Which one is more likely to upgrade without major 
problems?  I don't have a ton of time available for the install this time.

Who's using a myth server as a media server serving/storing music for a 
group/family of iPod users? What packages are you using to maintain the 
library (folder locations, duplicates, tagging, album covers etc)?

Thanks a TON for getting me back up to speed!


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