[mythtv-users] Mythtv away from home.

Jesse F. Hughes jesse at phiwumbda.org
Sat Oct 11 01:27:15 UTC 2008


I am running mythbackend on my desktop machine at home.  I'd like to
be able to transfer the recordings to a portable hard drive so that I
can use mythtv when I'm away from home.  To this end, I'd like to run
mythbackend on a laptop that has no TV card at all.

Now, it seems to me that this should be doable two ways, but I don't
know the details for either of them.

(1) Use nuvexport to copy the files to the portable hard drive and
then import the files into the laptop's mythbackend.  

(2) Copy all of the files and some of the databases to the hard
drive.  When I start up mythbackend, it will already know about all
the recordings I have.

Option (1) is better if I'm being choosy about what I'm taking, I
suppose.  Option (2) might be simpler and require less user
interaction.  In either case, I don't really know the details of how
to do this.  For (1): what tools do I need?  What is the exact
procedure?  For (2): Which databases should I copy?

Any advice is appreciated.

Jesse F. Hughes

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