[mythtv-users] Quiet fans

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Oct 10 16:33:19 UTC 2008

Johnny Russ wrote:
>> I assume you need a special motherboard to support this?
> I does depend on your chipset and sensors being supported. But I don't think
> they have to be that special. Many Intel and AMD chipsets are supported. You
> can check http://www.lm-sensors.org/wiki/Devices for supported devices. But
> it is probably just as easy to install it and see if it detects your
> sensors, etc. As others have stated this would only work for fans plugged
> into the motherboard.
I only use lm_sensors for reporting purposes, I don't have anything formally set 
up to control my fan speeds. lm_sensors comes with a script which tries to 
determine which chips are on your motherboard, and goes through some simple 
questions and answers based on what it finds. Mostly it's right. Occasionally, 
though, you may find that the m/b manufacturer didn't bother to connect up all 
leads on the chip, or used a different thermistor/whatever... lm_sensors allows 
you to adjust whatever is found so that you can get reasonable results. I think 
you can interrogate the daemon over the network, so can gather all your controls 
in one place (if you have multiple machines).


Mike Perkins

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