[mythtv-users] The best, coolest cases ... please weigh in ...

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Oct 10 04:34:07 UTC 2008

>> I'm new to mythtv and the one thing I noticed was that using the user
>> interface with a remote would seem to be... well ... what's the right
>> word... tedious?  For instance, when I'm scheduling a show from the
>> program guide, the default setting is 'do not record this show' or
>> something like that.  To access the drop down, you need a key press
>> followed by a multiple button presses to make a selection.  On other
>> products with similar functionality, the default is 'record this
>> showing' with an added menu item for 'do nothing/don't record'.
>> Essentially, it would be a lot less button presses to achieve a
>> similar function.   Don't take that as a complaint by any means - I
>> had always intended to use a keyboard/mouse for my setup, so it's a
>> non-issue for me at least.

I almost missed the message because I'm not interested in "The best,  
coolest cases...", but anyway...

What you see as the "Default Setting", I see as the "Current Setting".  
It would be confusing to me to open a recording schedule and see  
"Record this showing" selected when "Do not record..." is the actual  
current behavior.

Especially when changing to the two most commmon options, "Record any  
time on any channel" and "Record only this showing" are each just a  
key press away. (right arrow for one, left arrow for the other) so I'm  
not sure where you get "key press followed by multiple button presses".

The only time I reach for the keyboard is when I need to enter in a  
bunch of text like creating custom search rules or changing the title  
of a DVD to match the actual title of the DVD I just ripped. I even  
edit commercial points with the remote.

If it worked the way you thought it did, I'd think it was wrong, too.  
I'm just pointing out that it's a single key press to get where you  
want to go. If there are other similar things you find tedious, could  
you let the list know (preferably in a new thread) so we can either  
point you to an easier way or simply commiserate and try to think of a  
better way?


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