[mythtv-users] Low-info picture leads to audio breakup

James Skimming James.Skimming at portraitsoftware.com
Thu Oct 9 11:46:25 UTC 2008

> Anyone else seen this:

I'm getting it also, I'm in the UK and I'm also viewing PAL-I (I presume
that's interlaced) SD.

I've no idea about your theory regarding a buffer, but I've read other
threads where it's been stated that there is no buffering (other than
what the OS may provide).

I get it on shows that have simple images on the title screen before and
after the commercials, Dispatches on channel 4 always stutters on the
title screen. I also get it when, as you've described, there's a
considerable about of black or white on the screen.

I have a combined FE/BE, therefore I guess it's nothing to do with your
bandwidth between your split system.

I've also noticed that after the stuttering happens the audio can get
out of sync with the video, a simple forward and back step
resynchronises it. It would be nice if that happened automatically.

Sorry I've no answers, just sharing your pain.



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