[mythtv-users] What kind of Myth setups do you all have?

Marko Nurmenniemi marko.nurmenniemi at kolumbus.fi
Wed Oct 8 15:13:07 UTC 2008

Each of these is running Fedora9 and frontends controlled with remote


2x M10000 EPIA,  & 1GB memory on those, one in a Hush case (only thing 
moving is the HD) another a real screamer.
One with VGA to LCD 1280x720, another with s-video to CRT. Network 
connection to these with Buffalo WLI-TX4-AG300N which provides four LAN 
connectors on the back. Plug and play and real easy to move around.
I'm buying couple more of these boxes instead of wiring the house...

Compaq Celeron 2GHz with LAN to backend. 2GB memory just because it is 
so cheap now. Single 750GB disk. This is my main PC which host also 
internal servers (Samba, Apache, Cups...) and mails etc.

AMD 2.1+GHz with 512MB, dualboot option to WinXP (usually not in service)

Backend (New) AMD 64bit 2.8+GHz with 1.5GB memory and two disks 
totalling 500GB. Three Technisat PCI DVB-T cards with x3 multiplier 
making it total 9 channels. Connected to LAN

Backend (Old) Dual PIII-800 processors, 768MB memory, Raid 5 with three 
250GB PATA disks. Currently only one Technisat PCI DVB-T. Mostly not 
running at all now.
Might consider getting 750GB PATA disks to this and create a no kiddin 
file server running from the garage...maybe 5 or 7 units?

Buffalo WZR2-G300N-EU

8 Port 100/10 switch (I have a 24 port Baystack monster in the closet 
for serious use cases).
Firewalled from internet with a dedicated box running Bering - LEAF


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