[mythtv-users] Digital Channel Programming Data incomplete: FOUND: Reason

William N. Powell billpwl1 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 7 23:32:03 UTC 2008

Short Answer from Schedules Direct:  "Tribune doesn't support QAM lineups"

Full Answer:

> Did you find these channels using a QAM scan? Tribune doesn't support
> QAM lineups, so if you found them using a scan you'll need to check the
> wiki / mailing list / support forum for your application for
> instructions on how to correlate the channels you found via QAM with the
> XMLTV id's of existing channels in one of the other lineups.

So now I know that I won't be getting any data for the digital

How can I make some tweaks in the program/channel database so the
program guide will show the same schedule data for the digital channels
that it contains for the primary channel.

ie: Channel 13 is WJZ CBS Lineup from Baltimore. (Analog broadcast for
which we have a listing. Channel 13-1 is WJZ CBS HD Lineup. Channel 13-2
is WJZ CBS SD Digital Broadcast.


Original Post:

> None of the programming data is showing for any of the my digital  channels.
> I have a Hauppauge dual tuner PVR-500 and a PCHDTV-3000 Digital tuner card.
> I created two line-ups from Schedules-Direct. One for the Analog
> channels, and a separate one for the digital channels that are supplied
> by Comcast here in the Baltimore area.
> I created two Video Sources in MythTV, one each for the Analog channels,
> and one for the digital channels.
> I created Input connections for the Analog tuner(s) to the Analog
> Listing Source and another input connection for the Digital tuner to the
> Digital Listing source.
> The retrieve line-ups button for the digital channels returns almost
> immediately instead of a several second delay like the analog line-ups
> generate.
> After running mythfilldatabase, no digital channels show up in the lineup.
> If I manually scan for channels, it will find the unencrypted channels
> and add them to the lineup, but after running mythfilldatabase, all of
> those channels show "No Data".
> When selecting the digital channels in the Schedules Direct Lineup, only
> the Major channels are shown, none of the Minor sub-channels are listed.
> I have reported this to Schedules Direct and am awaiting a reply.
> Is this a common problem?

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