[mythtv-users] What kind of Myth setups do you all have?

Mr. James Purl convbox at jamespurl.com
Tue Oct 7 21:54:42 UTC 2008

On Mon, 6 Oct 2008, Bobby Gill wrote:

> Just out of curiousity, what kind of setups do our list regulars (or
> anyone!) have? ie., How many backends, frontends, which tuner card(s),
> remote(s), and how is the whole shebang connected and placed throughout the
> house/wherever? What kind of TV (HD, analog, etc.)? Do you use Myth for
> videos/pics/etc.? I'm trying to get ideas for myself as we move into a new
> house in a few months, I'd really appreciate feedback.
> Myself, currently Myth server box in basement and desktop PC in room on
> upper level as frontend, cable TV, pvr150 w/usb IR remote-- pretty simple ;)
> Bob

for more details or questions - contact me off list.

sevena: BE/FE combo connected to HDTV in basement. With PVR-500, PVR-250, 
Firewire and soon HD-PVR (I have the box just need to roll my own myth to use it).

christina: main BE/FE setup with monitor in kitchen. With PVR-150

uhura: BE/FE in computer office. With pcHDTV 2000 and WinTV-dbx

katarina: BE in computer office. With Air2PC HD-5000 and ATI TV Wonder LE

susannah: BE/FE connected to HDTV in bedroom. With PVR-250 and Firewire

Total of about 4 TB spread out among the myth computers on a gigabit + 
802.11N + NetGear Powerline network (numerous other terabytes on other 

Only sevena and susannah have enough ummph to do MPEG2 HD without XvMC. 
They will fall down hard trying to render the HD-PVR's stuff, so I intend 
on spitting that out to our PS3 until such time as I part with one of my 
dual core rigs on my desk for Myth-only use.

A recent post on my blog contains an entry of how I used my system for the 


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