[mythtv-users] HD-PVR clip trials with 5.1

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Tue Oct 7 03:11:38 UTC 2008

> Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 11:35:02 -0700
> From: Yeechang Lee <ylee at pobox.com>
> Subject: [mythtv-users] HD-PVR clip trials with 5.1

> I have tested, on my Pentium 4 3.0GHz frontend using MythVideo, the
> following 5.1-encoded
> 720p HD-PVR clips that have been posted to AVSForum:
> <URL:http://www81.homepage.villanova.edu/andrew.keefe/TBSBaseball.TS>
> (maximum 13.5Mbps encoding) and
> The baseball clip has excellent video quality, as expected. As with
> other high-bitrate clips I've tested, it "almost" plays; that is,
> 0.5 to one second or so of smooth playback (a bit longer when there is
> little motion on the screen, such as during the instant replay early
> on) is interrupted by briefer blips of 'NVP: Waiting for prebuffer'
> messages. top says mythfrontend is using 75-99% of CPU averaging at
> 85-90%. That said, the performance seems better than other, non-5.1
> 13.5mbps clips I've tested, so it seems that passing the AC3 track
> straight through to the receiver does help ease the playback load
> slightly.

I just got back from a week away...grabbed the baseball clip and tried it
out on my Mythbox.   It played very cleanly, with very reasonable CPU
loads, in full 5.1.  Nice!!  I'm definitely looking forward to support for
this device in 0.22....!

Yeechang, thanks for posting this.

Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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