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Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Mon Oct 6 19:14:15 UTC 2008

My university, Queensland University of Technology, has a gang working it with 
prostitutes, but their intent is much more serious.

There are at least five girls and three guys in the course for Engineering 

Fitra Tinaz fitratinaz7 at yahoo.com 0423385373 Fitra Subramanium Bharathiar
Annessa Thurai Rajah tr_nessa at hotmail.com
Monique Pauline Tanod monique_pauline at yahoo.co.id 0412311183
Shyam Damodharan 0433399937
Terrence Tsan-Hung Chen elvis_zx at yahoo.com.tw 0413901656
maybe Benson Yu-Sheng Su yusheng523 at hotmail.com 0413332922
maybe Michael Mason
unknown Kah Seng

We have to do group projects as part of the course work.  The groups are of 
various sizes and there are a lot of foreign students.  

The girls meet the guys at the lectures or during group meetings.  If we ask 
the girls out we get logged with special flip-up mobile phones.  If we have 
sex with them, something happens.  From then on the guys have to do what the 
girls want them to do.  Maybe the girls are under age or maybe they put up a 
pretence of rape.

The same applies to the guy with guy situation.

The man in charge appears to be an army guy with army photos on the wall.  
Also lots of victims go missing for a week, they maybe trying to get away.

I didn't have sex with the girl but her and others are now coming to my bus 
stop and getting on the bus with me.  They appear to be trying to get 
something on me.  And are giving hints of being bashed.

Prostitution isn't illegal but people are very scared.  They're first demand 
is that victims do there assignments for them.  But this is beyond sex for 

    A survey a the start of the course is used to determine the victims.

    Stages (to convert you to a John)
    1. Don't know - You believe your helping the girl and she is being nice to 
        The girls say/sing a warning "If you go with me you have to work..."
        They do speak prefect english.
    2. "SMART" person - You believe you know what is happening and willing do 
        they want.  They then load you up with assignments and things to do, 
        to keep you busy and stressed.  Too keep you from not thinking 
    3. "you've fucked my girl, now you'll pay" person - You have had sex with 
        girl and now the assignments, subject or semester is over, you are 
        told that you have to pay ? for further contact.  Seen this twice, 
once in
        GSN for Kristen's boys and once at the end of semester for Monique's 
        including Magni.

    Try to leave, they use what they know on you and try to meet you.  Eg. on 
the bus.

    FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, is used as a controling factor.

    A guy in a taxi meet me and mentioned that the police already know. (After 
I told
    Monique that I would have to take a taxi home on Monday night.)
    Two "school" girl had a loud conversation in front of me on the bus, 
    someone being beaten up if they when into the city.

    The best way to avoid the harsement is to be reglionish and not go out
    with the girls.

    Use an USB stick to install spyware on Windows computers.
        Seems to steal the users QUT and web email passwords, 
        so they can look at the emails and keep an eye on what you are saying
        to the other students.
        Maybe they own the email system at QUT and the password grabber is for 
other web mail.

    Seem to be able to record (with camera) or memorise what they see on 

    Appear to be using girls to help get marks for other students.

    Was threatened and offered girls to ensure that the other student gets 
good marks.
        Threatened involved mentioning the one their gang was heldup with a 
pocket knife
        between QUT and the gardens.
        The girls were the type of Monique (small asian) and Kirsten (tall and 

    Shyam offered me blue gum, I took the first time but declined the second.
        The first time the packet was full and everyone took one.
        The second time the packet only had the one for me.

    Terrence Tsan-Hung Chen said that he used true serum on me and couldn't 
get anything on me
        Terrence made out that they had a bug in my mobile phone. (not that I 
believe him)

    The girls are run by short, dark skinned guy.

    The recordings made by the prostitutes are processed by Michael Mason.
        He sits with the window behind him, so the sun is in my eyes.

    The sustainability lectures are a form of brain washing.
        Low lights.  Boring lectures.  Fixed stares 
        They can put me under very quickly
        And they've cured my anxiety.
        I just don't know what they what me to do?
        Its very strange not to feel anxious.

    I saw Michael Mason and all he told me was what I already had written in 
my report.
    He alway wants to see me at 4pm every fortnight, just before 
    He is really wanting me to go to sustainability.
    But was it Michael Mason, he had no beard like on the unversity website.

    Ryan Nascimento used leading question to see if I was CIA
        "The americans are here to help..." and how the Australian went to 
        help the Americans in Iraq.
        He also keeps telling different people about the univeristy shooting 
        was at the univeristy when it happened.

    Ryan and Annessa sit at the back of the lectures and use their laptops
    all the way throught the lectures.

USA student now doing what they want:
Ryan Nascimento ryanmento at yahoo.com ryanmento at gmail.com 0433583382

Icelandic student upset by experience:
Magni Bjarnason gmbjarnason at gmail.com elmummos at hotmail.com 0420636819

Saida Arabia student at least approached by prostitute:
Naif AlSaaid

Australian deans scholar student, going to USA next year, very upset by 
experience and doing what they want:
Timothy O'Shea 0414822635

Australian part of the gang:
Mark Maxwell 0418982399

Australian student upset by experience:
Ken Clarke QBuildUser at citec.com.au 0409589643 32222109 0437235873

It appears that they are holding tighter to the students with a better future.

This has to be handled with a great deal of care,

Re: talk
 From: monique pauline
 To: Paul Andreassen <paul at andreassen.com.au>
Hi Paul, 1st of all I wanna say sorry..
I'm alright..
I wanna make it clear with you..
It's true I've been busy of working recently..so i couldn't go out with you or 
anybody else
I'm sorry about the story that you tell me the other day..
And please, I don't wanna you get wrong with us..
I have nothing to give you hope, I didn't mean to take this relation further 
as I told you..
You just like my other friends; Fitra, Shyam, Kah Seng etc. not more than 
So please don't get wrong to me..
I went to your house because you're waiting for me after class..
I don't really wanna let you down, I also able to go out with anybody else if 
I had a change to go out.. not only with you..
So please don't push me about something that I've already told you..
Hope you clear enough with my email..
Sorry for this, I'm not interesting wit a guy cause I have one boyfriend 
waiting for me in my country.. If we could just make this as a friendship 
like I did with other friends, I really appreciate that so much..
that's all, hope you understand what I mean..
note: I'm fine with my assignment so far..
I'll let you know if I need help..

Hi again,

Your work in TQM, Project Management and Knowledge Management system was good.  
So why do what you do for Frita?  And why for Shyam, who came into the 
picture later in Project Management?

Given that Annessa is working alone, they must have a hold on you.

I remember the first day in TQM.  You sat beside me and said "Can I sit here, 
there is no one from Indonesia here." and I said "OK".  Later when Frita came 
in you said the you would sit near him and I said "Anytime".  I also remember 
before going into the room someone yelling out "I like him." and I thought 
gee I hope its not me.

In O week, the week before lectures started, a fellow was complaining loudly 
about how he did a project for a girl, told that she was indented to some 
people, gave her money and never saw her again.  He had the same report you 
are doing on recycling of plastic bags.

Last year I was warned that there was a gang operating out of the QUT masters 
program, offering sex for marks.

Anyway, how far have you paid them back.  You mentioned $20,000 for America 
student fees.  Your job should be paying a good wage.  But it is mentioned on 
the internet that they are likely to keep putting up the amount of money.

I don't believe anyone has done anything wrong.

Yes, I know that I'm a sucker.  But I'm trying to be a nice guy are and I 
still don't know what I'm doing.

So if you need help let me know.  Assignments or money as friends only and no 
sex under duress.  I'm still tired and anxious, the cause of most of my poor 

Thanks again for getting me motivated and I believe you will do great in the 

    Snake heads.  My friend Jen Ann Lee in 1995 told me about the snake heads 
    university, how he sleep with a girl and they go infulence over him.  I 
    being at his house when a guy appeared and went into his fridge.  Jen had 
    head bowed the whole time.  It could very well be the same guy.
    I remember that Jen offered me his sister, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't 
    a sister.

    The SMART people and prostitutes sniff all the time, as if they need to 
blow their
    nose.  Maybe this is a sign that they are under the influence of hypnosis.

    The leader snake head uses hypnosis on everyone.  I believe most if not 
all of his
    gang maybe unsure what he looks like.  I have come out from under hypnosis 
    the gang members were still under.  When I met him in my house in 
February, he
    suggested to us that he could walk through wall.  I remember him boasting 
    he had a girl for everyone.  And have the students inform on other 
    He may also have talked about how the upstairs bathroom would be a good 
    to kill someone.

    Don't approach me because I am under their infulence to some extent.
    He is very determined and he (I can't be
    sure its him) isn't swayed by my charm, even through the other students 
    He intervene when we laugh too much and quiets it down.  Its like we don't
    notice him, I see a movement and then everyone is quiet.

    He must make appearances in the lectures to hypontise.  The lectures are 
    due to the low light and boring content.  The sustainability lecture room
    has only one enterance.

    Mark Maxwell demand to know if I'd been to London.

    Monique Pauline told me (unknown if this is true) that she already had 
    Was orginally in Western Australia.  No idea where she and maybe Annessa 
    Dropped her off at 124 Warren Street.

    Greed appears to be a motivating factor.

    They get the real students to do the assignments of the others for sex.  
    is then extended with drugs and hypnosis to a compusion to do more for 
    "Now work for me."  The real student is then invited away somewhere and 
    come back very scared and feel bound.  Probably more intense hypnosis.
    I know that after all the assignments for an subject is done, sometimes 
    real students are told "you fucked my girl, you have pay from now on", 
    to see the girl.  The other students are either gang members who have 
    already gone through the intense hypnosis step or are real students paying 
    snake heads for help in their course.  Its all about the money.

    I do know that Annessa Thurai Rajah had someone else do the Asset and 
    Management exam.  Ryan has a strong attachment to her.

    No idea if the names of any of them are real.

    They've got me not to notice Monique any more.  They also said that the
    effect would only work if she didn't speak.

    They have a copy of my diary that they use to meet me.  They turn up 
    I have listed and then follow me.  They are still trying to get me to 
sleep with
    one of their girls.  They must have someone watching outside or inside the 
    for me and probably others.  They occacionally have someone watching my 

    Not really sure what to do.  I'm very tempted by them but very very 
    If I don't turn up to lectures, does that mean they will come after me in
    more aggressive ways.

    They are attracted to Australia due to the easy access to America.  Web 
site visa
    in two days.  They appear to be using the unversity courses as a way into 
    this is the first year and then they need to get a job for a second year 
to stay.
    The gang member could be fill places for people that are paying to come.

    Not sure if they're getting to my mum.  A lady at the shopping center 
    a dip to her and mum said they it must be good because there was only a 
few left.

 told not to let the victum get to attached
 turned me down
 ignored my email's (weakness)
 said "I don't have time for this."
 I tod her I would help if I was in her group
 pretends to be help againt her will, to extract money from guys
    she goes missing of 12 hours, gets in trouble
    14 hours awaty must see boss
 pretends to be small (because she believes guys like that.)
 can't distinguish between the guys due to being too many

Why am I so important
 They do go to extreme lengths for everyone
 we are called investments by boss (weakness)
  maybe if we have no value we will be let go
 boss mentioned be went up north to check on his investment (probably returned 
the guy to Brisbane)

Hypnosis on website requires three sessions

They have no transport (weakness)
 The girls take buses and trains
 The only other transport I've seen is a white UTE
 Only the boss can travel

Little information
 Don't share information well
 Couldn't install software on my Linux computer
 Emails me in hope I will respond, and then they will know where I am
 Wont phone or SMS, maybe cost or maybe trace ability
 Occansanlly will watch house
 Needs to record things beacuse they forget where they are yp to
  Maybe rekated to the hypnosis

Binds victiums by making them believe they have helped the gang to do evil 
  Tim reported seeing loved ones on computer monitor, bound and gaged
    also that they are run like an army with ranks.

Saturday morning my neighbour hoes out and pretty girl sun bakes

Prositutes are afraid of acid and even just the word acid

They tried to hypotisis me into believing Monique is virtuious

After the girls sleep with guys the girl say that guy's are mine.
  eg. "he isn't one of mine.

Picked me because I'm is a losser course at QUT and older, earning money 

What do I do, I know where leader or at least high ranking one is going to be
    4pm Tuesday S1045 QUT Gardens Point

I'm getting paranoid
  They may have drugged me
   I have small pupils, which is a change because of my HIV, I've had larger 
ones for more then 10 years
   started to scratch skin
    Maybe Methophetiene
   Strange Mouth sore  http://members.iinet.net.au/~paulone/qut_nuts/

What happens to the gang members when they are no longer useful
  The move up the line
   Profession Lin Ma
   Jasmine from IEEE
   maybe Carol

The messages in "Paul's Draft ERP report.mbox" aren't from Naif
 They just have his QUT password.

They are now tring to get me to believe that they have Mum.
 They left a message on my answering machine that sayes "Gone"
  to trigger a hypnotic segestion

Shyam and Monique got into trouble in Hungry Jacks by broad short guy
(I believe it was the guy who said he did engineering systems)
because they laughed and joked with me.  They were suppost
to keep it serious and put pressure on me.  After he got angry
the called me SMART, which must mean that I know what is going on
and they want to implicate me.

Monique is told what to do, this is a pretence.  The girls seems to be
in control of and gives orders.

Tim gave me two very hard books to read before he got into the stressed out 

Ryan got into trouble becasue they sent the wrong response to my 
message 'talk' and
didn't response to my next email.

Saw at Southbank
    Monique with three heavy set guys
    Japhese girl with glasses
    Three very young girls

All about FUD - Fear, Uncentainty and Doubt to control victium

Someone may have kidnapped Monique last semester
 I and Ken got a strange email about how the gang was sorry about Monique's 
 And now has three body guards everytime she leaves QUT

They want to control our decisions and choices, now and later in life.

Had a run in with them at COLES
He told me "Gone" and like the message someone 
left on the answering machine this morning.
Seems like they've hypnotised Mum too.
The lady at the checkout told her something.
She only served us.  Is that to make us paranoid about the food?

Only sending it all again because they've had access to my laptop
and that is what I was using before.

Its almost like they are training Shyam how to do it.
And like they've trying all their tricks on me until I break.
I feel sorry for them, they're only hurting themselfs.

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