[mythtv-users] Fetching movie posters

Peter Schachte schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Oct 6 13:31:01 UTC 2008

As has been noted by others, the 0.21-fixes version of imdb.pl no longer 
downloads movie posters correctly.  I'm attaching a shell script to download 
movie posters and update the database accordingly.  It works for me under 
mythbuntu 8.04; you may need to edit some of the config strings at the top of 
the script for other configurations.  Use the script by doing

	imdbposter <imdb-number>

If you already have a poster file downloaded or want to specify a filename 
for the poster you can do

	imdbposter -f <filename> <imdb-number>

Use it at your own risk.  I take no responsibility if it trashes your 
database or eats your homework.  You'll need to ensure that your movies have 
their IMDB number set correctly before trying to use this.  You can check 
which movies don't have their poster set by doing:

	. ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt
	mysql -B -e 'select inetref,title from videometadata where coverfile = "No 
Cover" and inetref != 0' -u $DBUserName -p$DBPassword $DBName

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